Mary Ziegler, Receptionist

Mary joined CCVH when we first opened in January of 2014.  Although this is her first position in the animal care field, she is a hard worker and a quick learner and is now a great resource for information.  Mary is a friendly face greeting our patients and has a way of soothing even the most nervous pets.  Her favorite part of working here is getting to see all of the puppies and kittens.  She also enjoys meeting and getting to know our awesome clients! When she isn’t working, Mary enjoys long walks on the beach and candle-lit dinners.  In all seriousness, when she isn’t working her three daughters keep her busy.  She lives in the country with them, her husband, and three pets!  Her dog Huntzie is a 9 year old mutt and Kona is an 11 year old Bernese Mountain Dog.  Kona, while awesome, can be a little crazy so she can offer some first hand experience on some of our calming and pain management products.  Mary also has a disabled duck named Delilah, who was born with a bad foot. Mary loves watching the Ravens, and will be very interested in University of Maryland football since her oldest is a freshman there this year. Mary also likes to read and embarrass her daughters as much a possible.