Arrrrnold, Feline Advisor

Arrrrnold has been employed with CCVH since March of 2014. You’ll often see him strolling throughout the hospital dressed to impress. He may be missing a foot, but he definitely doesn’t miss a thing. He is always in the middle of the action and doing everything he can to keep everyone laughing. Arnold is the glue that holds the hospital together. When he isn’t working hard to keep the hospital operating efficiently, he enjoys taunting hospital patients, playing with trash, wearing costumes, eating blueberries, and being underfoot. It’s been said that Arnold may be a crucial member of the staff, or maybe he’s just cute and hard to be mad at. He has a certain way of helping you get your tasks done while being completely in the way at the same time. Make sure to keep an eye out and give him a good chin rub during your next visit.

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